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Premier Arm Care

Premier Baseball Events Arm Care

Premier Arm Care

Premier Baseball Events and Full Count Baseball have partnered together to provide a comprehensive program to prepare high school and youth players for their upcoming spring seasons. The winter months are imperative for baseball players as they lay the foundation for having a healthy and successful spring. This program will give a player everything needed to make sure their body is prepared from the first game of the season to the last. Below is what a typical day will look like in the program:

  • Full Body Mobility Routine
  • Pre-Throwing Arm Care Routine
  • Post-Throwing Recovery Routine
  • Dynamic Warmup
  • Throwing Program
  • Auxiliary Work


Zach Lance



This phase works to both refresh the body and begin to prepare it at the same time. Players will not be throwing in this time but will be doing lots of arm care and auxiliary work to ensure their hips, core, and shoulders are ready for the throwing progression.


Once the body is prepped, a throwing progression will begin over the next few weeks. Each session will slowly increase in distance in volume to prepare the body and arm at an adequate pace.


As the throwing progression moves into long toss, pitchers will begin a bullpen progression that starts with all fastballs and adds off speed and number of total pitches each week.