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Refund Policy



At Premier Baseball, we believe you deserve the best. In an effort to provide the best quality of service possible, we need to receive all payments and registrations by our deadlines.  Payments are due before the start of an event or season so that we may make proper arrangements, including paying for equipment, uniforms, and training, finalize our tournament/showcase/camp schedules and send out all pertinent tournament/showcase/camp info. While, on rare occasions, we may extend registration deadlines, and waive late fees for certain activities, every customer should fully expect that the following policies will be applied. 

  1. REGISTRATION FEE.  Premier Baseball. requires any individual applying and/or registering for participation in an Premier Baseball camp, clinic, event, or tournament, to pay the Registration Fees at the time of application and/or registration.  The Registration Fees are subject to change at any time and are non-refundable and non-transferrable. 
  2. PAYMENT DUE DATES.  All payments are due on or before the dates set forth on the Premier Baseball. website or in the information packet. 
  3. PAYMENT BY CHECK.  Checks should be made payable to: 

Premier Baseball

633 Freeman Brock Road

Auburn, GA 30011

  1. FEES.  If full payment is not received within 10 days after the due date, a late fee of $25.00 may be assessed and the application will be placed on the waiting list for that team, event or tournament.  If a payment is returned due to insufficient funds or "NSF," a fee of $50.00 will be assessed and the player may forfeit his or her spot for that team, event or tournament.           
  2. PAYMENT IN FULL.  Space is limited and spots are given on a first-come-first-serve basis and only a full payment will guarantee you a spot. Payment must be received by the payment deadline. If full payment is not received by the payment deadline, a player's spot on a team and/or ability to participate will be forfeited.     
    1. For player cancellation in excess of 30 days from the start of a season or event (including injuries, weather related occurrences, personal emergencies, schedule changes, and travel delays), any payments made prior to the event are transferable without penalty to a future Premier Baseball, season, event or tournament, as long as the event is within the same calendar year.
    2. For all cancellations that occur within 30 days from the start of the season or event, any payments made prior to the date of cancellation will be forfeited and may not be transferred to another event, or refunded.
    3. No refunds, whatsoever, will be issued to a player who chooses not to participate at any point after said season has commenced or said event has occurred. This includes an inability to participate due to injury, absences, dismissals, suspensions or withdrawals before the end of the event or season.  Personal reasons such as travel, conflicting schedules, or lack of commitment are not cause for a refund. 
    4. No commissioner, manager, coach, parent or player, will be allowed any refund, whatsoever, for any portion of monies raised and deposited into the Premier Baseball's event account.   
  4. DISMISSAL OF A PLAYER.  Premier Baseball reserves the right to dismiss any player whose behavior affects his/her ability to participate or is detrimental to the other players. No refunds, partial or full, will be made for players who are dismissed or suspended.  
  5. REFUND REQUESTS.  Refund requests may be considered in the event of injury or relocation prior to season start. Requests must be submitted in writing with documentation of injury/relocation.  Premier Baseball reserves the right to grant or deny any refund request.  
  6. CANCELLATION.  Where health and safety are at issue, at the discretion of the Premier Baseball, programs and activities may be cancelled or postponed at any time due to inclement weather or other unanticipated circumstances of a serious matter as they arise with no refund provided.


Premier Baseball may amend these rules and guidelines from time to time. Any such amendments will be reflected on this web site, and Premier Baseball's participants are encouraged to review this web page from time to time in order to become familiar with the most current version of these rules and/or policies.  By submitting an application or registration for participation in a Premier Baseball camp, clinic, team's season, tournament or event, I certify that I have read, understand, and agree to Premier Baseball's policies and rules, including but not limited to the refund policy.